Custom Loadout

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Custom Loadout

Postby ZiaD68 » Tue 12. Nov 2013, 00:40

Everytime you die, you will spawn with this equipment:
There are only weapons allowed which are already spawned no AS50 or m107.
You can find a list of all weapons that are actually spawned in here:

Weapon of your choice + 4 mags

Pistol of your choice + 4 mags

Tools: Map, Compass, Hatchet, Watch, Flashlight, Huntingknife, Binocular, BoxOfMatches, Toolbox, GPS, Entrenching Tool, Fishing Pole, Rangefinder, NightVision

1x cooked meat, 1x Red Bull, 1x Painkiller, 1x Morphine, 1x Antibiotics, 1xBloodBag, 4 Bandages

Large Gunbag

Choose your Skin from the Epoch skins. Need the excat name of the model!
You can find a list of all here:

Minimum donation: 5$.

To your information: The custom loadout won't work sometimes because of lags and desyncs. At some players it happens sometimes and others don't have this issue.
Any problems? Do not hestitate to contact me!
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Re: Custom Loadout

Postby Scorp » Tue 15. Apr 2014, 18:29

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