Implemented Scripts

All about the running scripts on the server

Implemented Scripts

Postby ZiaD68 » Wed 16. Oct 2013, 10:59

Here you will find a list and a description about the implemented scripts on the server:

Player startgear:
You will spawn in armored with a M9SD, 2 magazines, 2 bandages, 1 bloodbag, 1 antibiotics, 1 painkiller, 1 moprhine, pepsi & beans

Player selfbloodbag:
You need to have the Item "Bloodbag" in your inventory. You will get a new option in your mouse scrollwheel called "Self Bloodbag" in red.
One Bloodbag will restore 12000 health, which means you are getting fully healed. You will gain NO humanity for this action.

Player Vehicle Refuel aut Gas Stations:
If you are in a vehicle with low fuel, just visit one of the GAS-STATION´s. Take a look on your map to find one of it.
You have to be in a range of 15meters from a gas station, to get a new option in your mouse scrollwheel called "REFUEL".

Player take clothes from deads:
When you find a dead body on the ground, you can usually take his skin/outfit to your inventory. You can use this by your own after taking it.
When you are near a dead body, you will get a new option in your mouse scrollwheel called "TAKE CLOTHES".

Player car towing:
You can tow a few vehicles. A closer decription which vehicles can be towed, moved and loadet in can be found in the thread called "Towing".

Player dance:
You have to be directly in front of a campfire, barrel or small fire. Just use your mouse scrollwheel to get the option "DANCE!". You can cancel this move by moving your character.

Player dome:
It is a donator option, to get your base safe.
This means, there will be a restricted zone. You have usually about 15second to leave this area. Only players who donate and have a team with more than 3 people can have this option to safe theyr cars and stuff where noone else can enter.

Player debug monitor:
There is a statistic about your: survival time, blood, humanity, kills (survivor/bandit/zed), headshots and your fps. it also shows how many players were in and when the next restarting will be aproximitly.

Server trader dialogues:
There are ONLY armored vehicles with machineguns in. There will be no vehicles available with rocket launcher, nade launchers or other overpowered weapons. we are still playing dayz, and not arma ;)

Server no battleye:
Since there were some BE issues on ive deactivated the antihack. it is usually only helding up people which are already banned. there was not one battleye kick on my servers, only if the filters arent adjusted correctly. In fact that the server is running one of the best and newest antihacks, there is maybe no need fot battleye at the moment. we will see how much scripter we will get in, in the next few weeks. if it is necessary, i will turn it on again. if you have any issues with scripter, hacker or glitcher, please report this to our report section.

Server SARGE AI:
You will meet some survivor, bandit and soldier ai on the server.
usually they are not friendly and will shoot. depends on your humanity. killing one of these ai will raise or decrease your humanity.

Server side missions:
Bandit AI carrying high value supplys.
AI missions will appear on your screen and will be marked on your map. There are usually about 10 bandit AI´s which will try to held you up by shooting. If your are a sniper you are good to go, but maybe its time to team up ;)

Server vehicle spawn:
200 random damaged vehicles will spawn. You can probably find items in there.
Any problems? Do not hestitate to contact me!
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Re: Implemented Scripts

Postby ZiaD68 » Mon 25. Nov 2013, 18:43

Disabling DZAI - AI
Because of palyers wont survive longer than about 1 hour i disabled the ai patrol. so ai in now only available on the sidemissions

Return to Battleye
Because of too many attacks on the server i have to switch back to BE.

Addet Spawnpoint Selection
After spawning in you will get an scollwheel option to choose your spawnpint like in DayZ 1.8

Indestructable Basebuilding
Your buildet walls, stairs and outhouses ec. will now be indestuctable. i am thinking about adding specific buildings like doors not to this list.
just to make sure, base raiding is still available.

Re-addet random AI on the map.

36 Missions with awesome loot addet. the ai should carry now gold aswell.
they have now blue markers. also reworked the loot event to get a screen message when it starts.
(update 28.11.13: some missions have banned loot...fix asap!)

Car Radio
You can choose between several tracks when you are driving a car.

30min Database Backup
My new hoster provides database backups only one time per day. thats too less for me.
so i addet a auto db nackup on my webhoster to provide a regular backup time of 30minutes.

reworked Dome´s
You should get also a system message and a screen warning when you enter a restricted zone.

reworked indestructable basebuilding
Addet the most buildables into the list. if something still gets destroyed, msg me.

redesigned traders
Any problems? Do not hestitate to contact me!
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