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New buildables

Postby ZiaD68 » Fri 18. Apr 2014, 00:23

Because of a couple requests to place fuel tanks into the game, i've addet a system to place new buildables. There are already some items in, like the fueltank.
I am planning to integrate some more interieur things, to decorate your bases. For the moment as a test. You can build tables, chairs, pictures and a lot more.
To "add" some items, where you can execute the new buildables, there will be a new trader option at some traders. you can buy "gems" like rubys, amethyst and others from where you able to place the new buildables. a full list of which items will be done after the implementation.

For the new items you need the following:

Bulk Box Sandbag (Object to right click):
Sandbag Watch Tower

Metal Pole (Object to right click):
Small Watch Tower

Lumber Pack (Object to right click):
Heli Pad Toolbox Lumber Pack

Plywood Pack (Object to right click):
Stop Sign
Warn Sign

Fuel Barrel (Object to right click):
Fuel Tank

Light Bulb (Object to right click):
Runway Light Blue
Runway Light Yellow
Any problems? Do not hestitate to contact me!
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