Beloborod - trollol (or just bored)

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Beloborod - trollol (or just bored)

Postby Salmon » Thu 15. May 2014, 06:46

Well, first time that he spawned in Stary (full equiped) he tried to steal. We talked, he gave my weapons (token from my locked heli, ehummm) back, and after a lift to a weapon cache he logged off (after 10 min, well). And then, the second time today, he tried it again at Stary at my buddy Felsenstein50 to steal his car, fuck him up and so on and on. At my requests he didn't answered, and he logged off - for come back just to die two times?

In my opinion he's just a big sad Trollolloll who's givin' a shit about rules and our community, and therefore I'd like to ask to decide how to react to this (crazy) actions of Beloborod. My hint: he stole twice in Trader Zone.
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Re: Beloborod - trollol (or just bored)

Postby Cornflakes » Tue 20. May 2014, 05:22

I was at around 1km from stary. i was about to take off with my helicopter when he came at fullspeed with his btr-90 and rammed me, resulting in the explosion of both our vehicles and my death (he somehow survived). Isn't there a rule about sensless destroying on this server? If so, wouldn't that violate the rule?
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