looking for group.....

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looking for group.....

Postby ZiaD68 » Sat 13. Jul 2013, 02:02

Here you can search for groups on the server.
feel free to tell something about you!
Any problems? Do not hestitate to contact me!
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Re: Join us!

Postby AnAngryDrew » Thu 29. Aug 2013, 03:14

i want to join your squad cause i have played on your server for awhile and i like it a lot it would be a lot more fun if i could play with someone else :D

Schon erledigt!

Postby snickars » Tue 17. Sep 2013, 16:38

Ich bin Spiele schon seit Tagen auf dem Server und obwohl ich ganz neu bin in Dayz, hat mir der Ziad alles in Ruhe erklärt und auch auf meine Fragen beantwortet.

Bester Server, ich wechsel nicht! :D
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Re: Join us!

Postby str » Mon 30. Sep 2013, 10:33

Hi i`m Florian 26 and from germany
i would like to join a team for basebuilding and for huntig bandits to stock up our equipment
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Re: Join us!

Postby sp4wnterror » Sat 9. Nov 2013, 22:20

Hi im filip 18 years old and would love to join your squad so i dont have to be lonewolf enymore !
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Re: looking for group.....

Postby Enkos » Fri 3. Jan 2014, 18:14

Hello everyone I am new on this server, I brought some friends: D I live in Italy but I know a little English (British study. -.) I'm 16 years old. I noticed that it is really well done I would like to congratulate the admin always available. What can I say I have had other experiences in various admin server and I noticed that the admins are really busy for the demands of the other players I'd like to participate and help as there most of the day are always available: D
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